Coordinate Measuring Machine upgrade

Why is it advantageous to upgrade your Coordinate Measuring Machine?

  • Improving your measuring speed
  • Improving your measuring capabilities
  • Improving your repetability and precision
  • Improving your efficiency
  • Impress your customers with high quality measuring reports


Current demands on increasing interconnectivity between design, production, measurements and statistics leading to pronounced change of measurement procedures.

If in the past all started from drawings, prototype, then the production of the parts and measurements with special tools and devices, today all this chain is modified: the design is done by software and the result is the CAD model. Based on this model all the production and measuring programs are generated.
The result is the full control of production starting from the design stage up to the final measuring reports and analysis of data in statistical processes.

In the measuring and quality control field you can act in the following directions:

  • Buy a new measuring machine/li>
  • Upgrade your machine with new electronic controller and software

Your machine can be brought to the latest performance level with less then 40% costs of a new similar size machine.

Upgrade means:

  • change of pneumatic tubes – if it is necessary
  • change of scales and readers – if it is necessary
  • new controller
  • Pc-Dmis measuring software Pc-Dmis

The advantages of Pc-Dmis measuring software


The PC-DMIS measuring software is used by a large number of companies. The highly intuitive graphical interface, the great number of elements and measurement routines, the modularity and the complexity could recommend this software as the best product in this measurements area.
The reports obtained with the result of measurement can be customized and configured according to the requirements of each user.

The engineers of 3D Microsurf have extensive experience in the successful modernization of measuring machines, both in Romania and abroad, and offers you a whole package from consulting to effective modernization, training your personnel to use the new software, development and implementation of measuring programs in such manner that your machine, after modernisation, will start to measure at full capacity immediately.